Compliance Certificate

If you are a trying to sell your home you are required to have a compliance certificate.
We assist people when selling their houses and properties with all our electrical services. Our electrician will do testing and repairs to existing Electrical installations and once all has been done and fixed, in compliance with SABS and GEIA requirements, the certificate is issued.
We also conduct safety audit on all electrical installations.

    • Compliance certificate are required when selling property. This Certificate forms part of the Deed, to ensure that the Property is safe according to the SABS and the ECA.
    • This document must be updated every time there is additional installation.
    • Majority of non-compliance issues arise from using unsuitably qualified electricians and have very little to do with the age of the installation.


    • Ranteck will conduct the test in accordance with SABS code 0142
    • In the event that the Property does not meet the necessary SABS requirements, a fault list with be drawn up and given to the client with a reasonable quote of all electrical services needed to be done to get the property compliant.
    • The client pays for the Test. Depending on the size of the property.
    • However, should the installation of the Property meet the necessary standards, and then a Certificate will be issued immediately.