Electrical Maintenance – Commercial & Domestic


Commercial Electrical Maintenance must be carried out with minimal stoppage time to the office and if necessary must be postponed to non working times

  • Maintenance on Distribution Boards must ensure that all connections are tight and all circuit breakers must be correctly rated and free of all dust
  • During maintenance, all safety systems must be checked, eg, earth leakage and emergency lights
  • During maintenance, it is advisable to label all plugs and light switches to correspond with the circuit breaker in the Distribution Board
  • This assists with the maintenance and prevents unwanted switching off
  • Maintenance on lights must be regularly maintained to prevent the lux levels from deteriorating below the 300 lux level as recommended for the working environment
  • It is advisable to change florescent tubes every year to prevent damage to the eyes of the workers



  • During maintenance, all earth leakage units must be regularly checked and if necessary replaced to avoid unnecessary shocks to the occupants of the dwelling
  • Regular electrical maintenance inspections must be carried out on the Earth continuity of the whole installation to ensure that the Safety Devices, such as earth leakages circuit breakers will operate correctly under fault conditions
  • This will prevent loss of life, injury and fire
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