Earth Leakage, Tripping Problems & Power Failures


  • Main Switch Tripping often occurs in 3 Phase Installations often found to be caused by  balancing problems
  • Main Switch Tripping is an out of balance problem can have a negative effect on your Electricity Bill
  • Main Switch Tripping is often caused by faulty switches
  • People tend to make a mistake by Installing Higher Amperage Circuit Breakers when Main Switch Tripping occurs without proper investigation into the cause of the Tripping
  • Main Switch Tripping creates a very dangerous situation and can often cause fires



  • Tripping usually occurs in the Distribution Board
  • Tripping is caused when there is an overload or an Earth Fault
  • Faulty Appliances can cause Tripping
  • Tripping can be caused due to faulty Installation
  • Insufficient Power Supply can cause Tripping
  • Insufficient Voltage Supply can cause tripping
  • Intermittent Tripping can occur when too many computers are plugged into one circuit and this can be disrupting to the normal flow of the office



  • Earth leakage tripping can be a frustrating and is very disruptive. This can be avoided if we change the manner in which the Distribution Board is wired
  • Earth Leakage Tripping intermittently can be very disruptive especially if the premises are left unoccupied for long periods of time.
  • Earth Leakage Tripping is often traced to faulty stove plates, servant plugging in old hot plates and faulty Irons



  • The most common mistake is not allowing adequate space for future extensions and the overcrowding of circuits
  • Upgrading of Distribution Boards must be wired to regulations and the cover must not be damaged in order to keep the Flame Path intact
  • Upgrading of Distribution Boards is usually required when your existing distribution board is of the Fused Type.
  • The fused type distribution board is a fire hazard
  • Upgrading of Distribution Boards is also required when there is no Earth Leakage in the Panel
  • The earth leakage is a switching device which helps prevent the Inhabitants getting shocks