General Electrical Work

Rantek Electrical offers all kinds of general electrical work and repair. We repair lightning damage, stoves, geysers and many others.


  • We repair Geyser and Stove Elements and Thermostats.
  • We also check on the Earthing of the Geyser and that the Isolator is in good working condition.
  • The installation of a Timer or Geyser wise system will assist in Energy Saving as a Geyser is responsible for at least 40% of your electricity consumption.
  • We specialise in repairing Defy stoves and Ovens and Installation and repair of Hobs and Ovens in Kitchen Units.


There are various types of switching configurations that can be used.

  • There are straight forward standard on- off switches.
  • Two way switching allows the lights to be operated from two different positions e.g. passages and main doors.
  • Intermediate switching allows the lights to operate from more than two positions e.g. very long passage.
  • Master switches are installed at the entrance of all offices, usually situated at main door of an office. This allows the office manger to switch on and off all the lights in building without having to walk around whole building switching off individual lights.
  • Time switches can be installed to perform various functions such as signs which can serve as deterrent to would be burglars. They can also operate nominated lights to switch on and off, thus giving the impression that the residents are present.
  • Daylight switches are usually installed for garden lights and security lights which automatically switch on when it gets dark.



  • Lightning is a very destructive force that is capable causing serve damage to electrical installations.
  • Lightning poses a real danger to the occupants of the building as voltages can reach 50 million volts or higher. It can damage appliances, Computers and software.

There are various types of Electrical Lightning protection methods

  • Surge protection is used for low risk areas.
  • Lightning masks are used for high risk areas. This mask must be certified according to SABS.
  • UPS protection is recommended for the protection of computer software systems.
  • The Fibre Optic Port system is used for the protection of Data on computers.
  • Lightning Protection is recommended for large computer systems.