Electrical Installation

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There are various ways to install plugs to make them safe, we take all the following precautions and more when installing Electrical plugs into your home or business in Johannesburg:

  • Installing of a Weather-Proof light for the Garden and water features allows the home owner to change the globes on their own when necessary
  • When Installing Garden lights, day-light switches can and should be installed and these should be conveniently locates
  • Electrical fittings should allow the Owner to change his light Decoration at will
  • Installing of a dedicated plug next to the Freezer assists that in an event that the earth leakage trips, the Freezer will remain on.  This is very useful and money saving especially when you are away
  • Installation of a plug Point in the ceiling is crucial for Burglar Alarm Points
  • Installations of dedicated plugs for computer will assist in the event that should the earth leakage trip, it will not interrupt the power supply to the Computers
  • Installation of a plug for Washing Machine Units should be controlled by an Isolator above the working top.
  • Fitting of Plug Points, both Red and White Electrical Plugs, should be conveniently situated at each work-station.  This assists in the smooth running of the office environment
  • Plugs should be installed in water resistant enclosures to eliminate the use of long extension cords for purposes such as lawn mowers.


Installing of a Light should be done according to the Code of Practise

  • A Garden light is the main contributor to the Power Tripping.  They should therefore be installed in an appropriate and safe manner to avoid such situations.
  • Installation of House lights, especially down-lights create a huge amount of heat, approximately 300 degrees and have been known to make flammable material to smoulder.
  • An office light has to be situated as to offer sufficient Lux for effective illumination.
  • It is also recommended that Florescent Tubes be changed at least once a year as the Tubes lose their Brightness and can be a danger to the vision of the staff in the office



  • Always allow for additional space on your Distribution Board for added expansion with new Installations.
  • During Electrical fittings, it is advisable never to overcrowd your Distribution Board
  • The Design and Installing of the new Distribution must work for the client and prevent unnecessary Tripping.
  • It is a recommended feature, that your Bed-side lamps switches should also be situated at the door as well as the bedsides



  • When installing addition Plugs and Lights to old fittings, great care must be taken not to compromise the integrity.
  • When wiring old installations, great care must be taken not to damage the existing insulation



  • It is important that you get Professional advice when purchasing a Generator to ensure that it meets your requirements
  • Generator Installation must have a change over Panel to prevent any injury to the Technicians working for the supply authority
  • Generators can be installed with an Automatic Change-Over Switch.  This system is very convenient as it starts your Generator immediately in the event of Power Failure and switches off when the Power resumes
  • It is very important that the Generator is housed in a well ventilated area and the floor should not be porous
  • Ranteck will check your Generator on a regular basis to ensure that it is in order when needed.